VATES Medical Translation Agency is one of the leading medical translation services provider dedicated to providing the highest standard of language solutions at competitive prices in Turkey. It was founded in Istanbul in 2014 to carry out medical translation projects with a team consists of medical translators who have experience in variety fields of medical such as regulatory affairs and medical departments in the pharmaceutical companies and/or worked for medical translation agencies servicing to the pharmaceutical companies for many years. Our objective is to be your business partner by giving you high quality medical translation services in order to share the translation burden with the companies and doctors in the field of medical.

Our distinctive features:

  • Expertise on medical translation (only medical translation service)
  • Translators and editors educated in the fields of medical sciences with medical translation expertise
  • Medical translations with consideration of the target audience
  • Easy accessibility and fast response
  • Desktop publishing service in medical field (website translation, brochure design and translation)
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic team
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