Medical Document Translation

In the scope of medical translation, the following translations in general are performed by our team of experts in accordance with the guidelines and terminology set forth by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA):

  • Marketing Authorisation Application for Human and Veterinary Medical Products
  • Marketing Authorisation Application for Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products
  • Application File for a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate
  • Application File for Type I and II Variations
  • SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) – PIL (Patient Information Leaflet)

In addition to above list, the following medical documents are being studiously translated:

  • Case Reports
  • Literature Articles
  • Medical Articles, Books, Magazines, Booklets and Catalogue
  • Websites with Medical Content
  • Training Materials for Doctors, Patients and Medical Representatives
  • Manuals for Medical Devices

If requested, notarization and sworn translator service for above documents is provided.

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